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  PVD announces AirMover53 three stage cooling application. PVD utilizes ambient air and mechanical cooling to deliver Hybrid cooling at higher temperatures to improve overall PUE scores.  
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Quality Maintenance and Service
SITE Management™ Services
We Provide Knowledgeable And Experienced Technical Support Staff.
  After installation is complete, our factory-trained and certified staff has the knowledge and experience to provide you with on-going support, based on technology that is continually updated. In addition, we provide the training to teach your staff how to operate your equipment. To keep your system fail-safe, our maintenance program includes routine inspections of your computer support systems.
Components such as:
Fire Suppression Systems
Fire Detection Systems
Computer Room Air Conditioning
Mainframe Cooling Units
Flexible Power Cabling
Power Conditioning/Distribution Units
Uninterruptible Power Systems
Diesel Generators
Access Floors
We replace parts before they become a critical issue. Also, our technical staff is qualified to service systems installed by others. Many system malfunctions can be identified and dealt with instantly by phone, but if necessary, experienced technicians will be dispatched to your facility. These qualified professionals will take charge of the situation, identify the problem and quickly resolve it.
We Think About Your Uptime Constantly, So You Don't Have To
We stress the importance of taking advantage of our maintenance program. Preventive maintenance ensures your company against malfunctions. You are ensured continual peace of mind, knowing that the safety of your employees, property, and data are in the hands of our expert professionals.
You Can Count On Our Support Around The Clock
Our professionals are on the job 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because we can't take chances with your business assets or your safety. In case of emergency, our technicians will be at your site within two hours. Our comprehensive spare parts inventory ensures you of speedy and efficient repair service.
We Respect The Environment
We take pride in the fact that our fire suppression system is clean, safe and harmless to the environment. It is in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Fire Protection Association. Our fire suppression agent is odorless, colorless, does not deplete the ozone layer, is safe to use when people are present and leaves no residual chemical trace after use.
Our extinguishing system is clean, safe and harmless to the environment. It is in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Fire Protection Association.
Integrity Is The Backbone Of Our Company
Our competitive prices reflect the highest integrity of product and service. We do not compromise our quality to win a bid or save money.
Fire Preventive Measure Are Worth The Cost
Our fire detection and suppression system is a valuable investment. If fire damage were to occur in your data center, the cost of clean up and production down time could cripple your business operations. In terms of what is avoided--the irreparable cost of injury to employees, damage to property and equipment, and the loss of priceless data--a Fire Suppression System is well worth your investment.


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