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  PVD announces AirMover53 three stage cooling application. PVD utilizes ambient air and mechanical cooling to deliver Hybrid cooling at higher temperatures to improve overall PUE scores.  
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Design, Build and Service
  Electronic, communications and information technology equipment require rigid environmental conditions for reliable operation. computer room precision air conditioning systems are specifically designed for the concentrated heat loads of today’s data centers.
  Precision computer room air conditioners provide efficient heat removal, excellent humidity control, greater airflow, better air filtration, greater flexibility and expandability, and numerous alarm and redundancy options.
  Don’t jeopardize your data center by installing comfort cooling air conditioners. Select the unit, top discharge, bottom discharge, ceiling hung, floor mounted, water cooled, air cooled, that fits your applications. Our dedicated personnel provide the highest quality Air Conditioning Design, Build and Services, dedicated to providing Qualitative Solutions to Critical Equipment Rooms and data center Environments.
We delivering the most efficient and economical services available. Every installation and service is performed with the goal of eliminating the likelihood of costly downtime due to environmental conditions.
Turnkey Solutions
Our team has years of experience working in sensitive equipment environments and we recognize the non-compromising necessity for cleanliness and constant communication. We provide turnkey solutions for many environmental control needs from small ceiling suspended systems to multiple large capacity air cooled and water cooled systems, overhead ducted or raised floor applications.
Design & Maintenance
We recognize that selling you the proper computer grade air conditioning equipment is only the beginning. Having the ability to understand your particular application is crucial to your business' success. Not only will we design the Precision Environmental Control System to cool your computer room equipment, we also will maintain it and provide on-site emergency technical support 24 hours a day, everyday.
Computer Room Preparation
During the design of the computer room, consideration should be given to the following factors: ease of entry for the system, floor loading factors and accessibility of piping and wiring.
Room Seal
Vapor Barrier is highly recommended to minimize moisture infiltration. Polyethylene film (plastic sheeting) is a good vapor barrier for ceiling and wall applications. Rubber or plastic-based paints should be applied to concrete floors and walls. The room should be thoroughly insulated to minimize thermal loads and make up air should be kept to a minimum to reduce additional temperature, filtration and moisture loads.
Unit Location
Unit location is important for efficient and even environmental control in your data center. The air conditioners should be located as close to the largest heat load as possible. Units should be mounted along the longest walls (in rooms having a high aspect ratio) to ensure even air distribution. Erratic control or mechanical failure can and will result if the unit does not obtain proper airflow volume and distribution due to improper installation.
Downflow or Upflow?
If your data center has been designed to incorporate a raised floor, the space between the raised floor and subfloor may be used as an air distribution plenum or for a chase where ducting to discharge grilles may be installed. Downflow discharge units may be installed directly on the raised floor if the floor loading rating is satisfactory to support the unit.
Upflow Discharge
In data processing facilities designed for upflow discharge systems, air distribution is either through a supply duct or through a discharge plenum into the conditioned space. The same unit location considerations for a downflow system also apply to upflow discharge systems.
Service Access
At least 30 inches of clear space must be left in front of the A/C unit and at least 24 inches on each side is recommended (but not required, except on CCT servers).


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