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  January 2013  
  PVD announces AirMover53 three stage cooling application. PVD utilizes ambient air and mechanical cooling to deliver Hybrid cooling at higher temperatures to improve overall PUE scores.  
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  LightPointe's optical wireless products provide Public Sector customers with the speed of fiber, and the flexibility of wireless. Public Sector customers of all sizes are using the LightPointe Flight™ Optical Wireless family to provide high-speed, "last mile" connections, across campuses, and into fiber networks. Leading businesses, law and financial firms, universities, governments, the military, school districts, hospitals and more are using our optical wireless solutions. Our enterprise and service provider customers include Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., the City of San Diego, Internet Thailand, and the University of Turin in Italy, to name just a few. Based on the latest in free-space optics (FSO) technology, our optical wireless solutions are at work in more than 60 countries, in 2,000-plus installations.
High-bandwidth. Cost-effective. Secure. LightPointe Optical Wireless products have been deployed by United States government agencies and branches of the military in a variety of networks, including the most sensitive and critical such as a 22-link Optical Wireless network in Iraq on which the U.S. Army relies. LightPointe has authorized Government Resellers who specialize in serving government IT professionals.
Super Bowl XXXVII "We could not have done it without LightPointe. The optical wireless systems performed flawlessly. We are thankful for LightPointe's willingness to work with us on this very important effort. The multi-agency law enforcement approach and real-time video capabilities ensured rapid communications and the ability to respond instantly in the event of a problem." — David Warner, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, San Diego State University, 2003 Shadow Bowl Organizer
Today, LightPointe's Outdoor Wireless solutions are installed in a wide range of Government Agencies & municipalities including:
Aqaba Special Economic Zone (AE) Herzberg (DE)  
Balimore County, MD (US) INS (US)  
City of Reading, PA (US) Interpol (BB)  
City of San Diego, CA (US) Miami Dade County, FL (US)  
City of San Francisco, CA (US) Ministry of Finance (DE)  
Collier County, FL (US) NSA (US)  
Court of International Trade (US) National Science Foundation (US)  
Democratic National Committee (US) New York City Police Dept. (US)  
Dubai Municipality (AE) Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. (US)  
FEMA (US) Raytheon (US)  
Harris County, TX (US) Sierra Nevada Corp (US)  
Smithsonian Institution (US) US Printing Press (US)  
US Air Force (US) US National Court (US)  
US Coast Guard (US) US Senate (US)  
Today, LightPointe's Outdoor Wireless solutions are installed in a wide range of Government Agencies & municipalities including:


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