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  PVD announces AirMover53 three stage cooling application. PVD utilizes ambient air and mechanical cooling to deliver Hybrid cooling at higher temperatures to improve overall PUE scores.  
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Public Sector » APC / MGE
Manageability, scalability, reliability, redundancy
APC's national network of solution acquisition channels makes it easy for your organization to procure protection for critical applications. From simple surge protection to sophisticated system availability planning, APC is your source for guaranteed uptime.
Changing the way the world designs, builds and manages data centers
Planning. Implementing. Adapting to changing environments. Whatever IT curve ball is thrown at you, APC can assist you with the challenges your organization may be facing.
Application Solutions
Server Consolidations
According to a Gartner Group survey, 75% of medium-to-large enterprise companies are in the process of planning or implementing server consolidation projects......
High Density Applications
APC has a range of resources and solutions targeted specifically for high density applications such as blade server deployment and server consolidation, all designed to help you successfully deploy these critical applications.
Wiring Closets
Wiring Closets are critical sub-systems of an organization's network environment that require careful selection of appropriate Network Critical Physical Infrastructure (NCPI) to ensure network availability
Branch Offices
For many businesses, providing goods and services and building close customer relationships are vital to their bottom line.
Whether your storage is direct attached, network attached or anywhere between, APC has solutions which can help you improve your storage application's availability.
Server Rooms & Data Centers
Computer Rooms are the heart of many small/medium businesses. Often not originally or specifically designed to provide the ideal environment for IT equipment, special attention to Network Critical Physical Infrastructure (NCPI) when deploying racks of servers, switches, and other IT equipment is required to ensure availability.
If you are planning to deploy or have deployed Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or IP Telephony your converged network carrying data and voice becomes very critical! Your tolerance for down time becomes zero.
Servers and the applications they run are critical to keep information, the life-blood of your business, flowing smoothly and effortlessly.
Why do you need End-to-End protection for Military Applications? Mobile Units deploy worldwide and at a moments notice, therefore they need units capable of operating in 50 or 60 Hz and multiple input voltage environments and rugged enough to withstand transits to the location and operations once on-site.
Wireless LANs (Wi-Fi)
WLAN enables users to access the network, applications and tools from portable PC’s, PDAs etc. from any location in the wireless network e.g. conference rooms in buildings, waiting lounges in airports, hotels, hospitals etc. It provides flexibility and increases employee productivity with easier access to information
Silcons® Shelter White Sands Missile Range Applications "System failures could delay weapon system test and evaluation, mission schedules, result in lengthy repair times, significantly increase mission test costs and impact critical project completion schedules."
Paul Bardwell
Supervisor - Technical Services Section
School District Cites Manageability as Top InfraStruXure Benefit "Just the ability to view the remaining battery time on a display was enough to cost justify our investment."
Doug Noell
MIS Director
Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools
APC Helps Upstate New York Police Department Enhance Public Safety and Security "We sleep much better at night knowing that APC is on our side."
Mark Orzechowski
IT Director
Cheektowaga Police Department
US Postal Service Corporate Headquarters Thrives on High Availability "The demands placed on the U.S. Postal Service for rapid and efficient delivery of both domestic and international mail has never been greater. We handle 41 percent of the world's mail volume, 630 million pieces of mail every day."
David Stevenson
Program Manager
U.S. Postal Service
Washington, D.C


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