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  January 2013  
  PVD announces AirMover53 three stage cooling application. PVD utilizes ambient air and mechanical cooling to deliver Hybrid cooling at higher temperatures to improve overall PUE scores.  
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InfraStruXure® fully integrates power, cooling, rack, management, security and services. This on-demand architecture allows the selection of standardized components to create a solution through modular and mobile configurations. InfraStruXure is available for any IT environment, from wiring closets to large data centers.
Modular Systems
Wiring Closets
1 - 3 Racks
Server Rooms
1 - 5 Racks
Small Data Centers
5 - 20 Racks
Medium Data Centers
20 - 100 Racks
Large Data Centers
100+ Racks

Mobile Systems
PVD DR Mobile Solutions
On-demand Mobile Data Center

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