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  January 2013  
  PVD announces AirMover53 three stage cooling application. PVD utilizes ambient air and mechanical cooling to deliver Hybrid cooling at higher temperatures to improve overall PUE scores.  
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Eaton Powerware
Data Center Solutions
  Powerware Rackmount UPS    
  Powerware Enclosure    
  Powerware Rackmount (RM) UPSs from Eaton are based on field-proven, industry-leading technology. They offer a wide range of VA/Watt ratings and are designed to address and support a variety of applications including RAID, SANs, blade servers, IT, telecomm, medical and other network equipment configurations.
  IT availability and reliability are critical corporate issues in today's demanding, mission-critical environments.
  Powerware Rackmount PDU    
  Powerware Enclosure Power Distribution Units  
  Effectively distribute UPS power throughout a rack environment while organizing power cords. These units (rack-, wall- or floor-mounted) support a selection of NEMA, IEC and hardwired inputs and up to 12 NEMA/IEC output receptacles.
  Effectively distribute power to 4 to 45 receptacles in high-density rack environments. The plug-and-play architecture organizes power distribution, simplifies cable management, and lets you add and change IT equipment without an electrician. With this tiered product family, you can select the desired combination of features and power rating for each application.
  Environmental Rack Monitor    
  Powerware Enclosure Accessories    
  Continuously monitor environmental data center conditions at the UPS system rack level—ensuring power quality and power management of temperature and humidity at two locations in a rack and the status of up to four additional contact sensor devices—to protect data center and UPS equipment from potentially damaging conditions and ensure the best UPS power quality.
  Eaton's Powerware Enclosures are complemented with a range of cable management, cooling and power distribution accessories to enable you to tailor your enclosures to your specific application.


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